Visiting Kek Lok Si Temple

Chinese New Year 2011 falls on Thursday,hence, we  found ourselves busily looking for worthwhile things to do: and one of this is to explore Penang Island!:-))

My housemates (Ate Vivs and Jhoram) and I planned to roam around this beautiful place in Penang. I’ve read once that one of the “10 islands to explore before you die” includes this place…

And so our adventure starts at 7A.M. on that Thursday morning. From Butterworth where we live, we rode Rapid Penang going to Jetty . From there, we rode the Ferry to cross the sea. In less than fifteen minutes, we reached the Jetty Island and rode a Teksi cab.

From the Jetty Island, we paid RM 30.00 going to Kek Lok Si and in less than 15 minutes, we reached the majestic temple of 10,000 Buddha.

Before reaching the peak of the temple, there are lots of tyangge stalls on its foot. Lots of souvenir items spread around each stalls, its up for you how good you can haggle each item.:-))

I got the sling bag and beautiful lacey hat (the last two pics), from RM 20 and RM 25 , original prices, i was able to get it at RM 15 and RM 14, respectively. (Hmmm, parang Divisoria lang! hehehe) .

These two sets of cute keychains, I got it for only  RM 10 each set! (From RM 28, original price!)

As we go up the temple, here’s what we had:

All faces of Buddha. We cannot forget the Black one wherein he seemed to be looking on us wherever we go.:-)) There were also lots of stalls upstairs to get your souvenirs from the temple.

“Another interesting view that you can see there will the supreme statue of The 4 heavenly kings. Sited in the Hall of the Devas (Tian Huang Dian), each of the Mighty Kings controls one of the four points of the compasses. The Heavenly Kings consist of Kwang Mu (Guardian of the West), Tou Wen (Guardian of the North), Ch’i Kuo (Guardian of the East) and lastly Tseg Chang (Guardian of the South).”

The  4 Heavenly Kings.

In the next temple, we were mesmerized by a laughing Buddha with golden coins (shaped like a boat) where he is sitting. It says that “Donate any amount” and you can get a piece of the golden coin. Me and Ate Vivs got our gold coins after we gave our donation plus wish! *wink*

What interests us most is the sight of Kuan Yin Statue. before we got into that place, we need to ride an incline lift (RM 4.00 back and forth).

It is amazing to see the garden at the top hill.

and from this, rise the statue of  Kuan Yin Statue:

“…huge 30.2 m bronze statue of the Greatly Compassionate & Sagely Kuan Yin Avalokitesvara…”


These are the other sights uphill…

The pineapple candles at the foot of the statue and the rabbit monuments….

there is also a pond on the uphill….!!!:-))

After seeing the beautiful uphill scenery, we became hungry and decided to taste the vegetarian cuisine at the mid-section of the temple.

Here we found  the resto to have a buffet, eat-all-you-can for only RM 8.00.

We had a blast on this day…viewing the different images of Buddha in the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha. I admire and respect the different cultures in Penang, the three races of Malaysia and its colorful and rich cultures.

Our adventure does not end that day… and I know this is just the start of our adventures in Penang…!:-))








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