My First Vacation in ‘Pinas’

Tres mosqueteros reunion: Dea, me and Tintin...:-))

Day 1

It was my first time to go home in the Philippines, after 8 months of working in abroad to attend a convention and to do some wedding matters. I was very excited, and nervous for it is also my first time to travel ALONE (international flight, I should say.. :-))

My flight from Penang to Singapore went well. I remember my Pakistani seatmate asking me,” You are travelling  alone…? …Business trip or vacation?” “Vacation in the Philippines…Yes, I travel alone…I love to travel alone..” I said with a big smile. I can see that he is with his bunch of friends. The flight took only for an hour.

As I reached Singapore, I was quite happy to see more Filipinos around. Happy to hear at my back, Tagalog words.  Music to my ears. I read somewhere…that our  native language is the sweetest one to hear, just as our names…and now I understand.

I reached NAIA at exactly 4:55 A.M. and headed to Quezon City where I live. I can see the sun rising as early as 5:45 A.M. unlike in Malaysia where  sun rises is at 7:30 A.M.

It’s HOME SWEET HOME AT LAST… even my room welcomed me with lots of cobwebs and dirt (LOL). After making my room aseptically clean , I slept for  barely 3 hours.

The fastfood chains in Philcoa…just a walking distance away from UP BLISS.

I took my lunch at Red Ribbon, just as what I promised to  myself: Pan-grilled chop  dipped in  chopped ginger, with rice and a chocolate cake. Sinful..but delightful…! (*wink*)

Red Ribbon chocolate cake

Pan-grilled chop

After I satisfied my taste buds, my feet was itching to go to the mall. I headed to SM NORTH the Block, just 15 minutes away from Philcoa by riding a jeepney.( nakaka-miss sumakay ng jeep!!).

I stroll around the mall and when I got tired, I  pampered myself with Hair relax and eyelash perm at David’s salon. (total makeover etoh! Hehehe…!)

I met Weng (my “soon-to- be” sister-in-law) with her daughter JC and friend  Zy, for the updates of my wedding details and suppliers,  the reservations she made, etc.  I was also able to meet  Dea (with Tita Elma) and Tintin to give me the certificate I had last November in the convention of  Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc.  And also Sarah to update me in the convention that I have to attend in Baguio (and give some pasalubong for her hubby, Jhoram).

Me, Tin-tin, Weng, JC and Zy

L-R: Zy, Tita Elma, Dea, me, Tin, Weng and JC

We spent our dinner in Gumbo. We ate our hearts out with my favorite seafood Jambalaya , Dea’s fave  four seasons salad, grilled pork chop with veggies, fried chicken and fries ; with our fruit shakes and lemonade.

Grilled pork chop with corn cob and veggies

After  chatting, giggling and picture-taking, we all parted ways, as  I promised to squeeze them in my crazy busy schedule next June 2011…:-)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. docgelo
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 04:04:17

    hey blogger anna! ang bilis nag update! keep it up! more! more!

    uwi ka na dito at miss ka na ng lamesa mo sa faculty room.
    good luck sa akin sa practical exam+laboratory ngayong hapon.

    pasalubong ha! hehehe


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