Our Wedding Pics: Bride and Groom’s Prep

It’s been 3 months past our wedding: 08-08-11. 🙂   I haven’t much time to thank all our suppliers aside from FB and emailing, since we flew to Penang 2 days after the wedding.

We got our raw pics c/o East Digital Photography, 6 days after the event and our on-site video CD immediately after the ceremony.

Every woman’s wedding is her dream come true. I was very tired and exhausted but I can say that is the HAPPIEST moment of  my life. 🙂 🙂 🙂   It was so perfect and  I would also like to thank our wedding coordinators FABS for a well-organized event.

So here’s our wedding pics that I kept on seeing and reminiscing every time and I know I will always look  back to it for the rest of my life! 🙂

Bride’s Preparation

Ms. Nina Dumpa at work...


JC, my hubby's cute pamangkin...

...ready to become Mrs. Cruz today...!!!

my bridal shoes from Opera shop

my gown made by Von Lazaro of Carmen Lazaro Bride International 🙂

the lacey intricate design of my bolero...Thanks Von!

Von was able to elicit the gown I visualized. I sent him pictures of gowns from the tube top to the skirt and he gave me a  finished design like this. We only communicated through email. I was able to see the finished product 4 days before my wedding and I was very satisfied! 🙂

our wedding invitation c/o Ms. Elaine Lapore from Davao

I don’t know Elaine personally but I like her works that I searched from FB. All of our guests loved the  invitations especially my uncle, Tito Jun. Elaine sent these through LBC straight from Davao. 🙂

our souvenirs i bought in Sebarang Prai

i love this shot of EDS

my bouquet from Ysabela Florists (thanks to sis Weng Tiu for the beautiful church arrangement and entourage bouquets

Pictorial before wearing of the Wedding Gown 

they say that in your wedding day, the bride is the star...

...kaya once in a lifetime lang toh...emote lang ng emote..! 🙂

pose galore...

Groom’s Preparation

with Tatay...

with the family. (L-R):weng, Nanay Precy, my hubby, Tatay Romy and Kei.

wacky mode pics!

our guestbook done by EDS

Pictorial before going to Church


wearing of the bridal shoes..with Dr. Dea Pena, my beautiful bridesmaid

my gorgeous bridesmaids: Ate Vivs (Dr. Vivian) and Dea (Dr.Pena)


with my Tita Ludy and Tito Jun who served as my 2nd parents since I became an orphan

L-R: Tita Baby, Tita Ludy, Tito Jun and my cousin Ian...

my family and friends

my cousins Dindin and Ian

wearing of my veil..

...kailangang umupo.... 🙂

Ms. Nina says "retouch" before the next pictorial...

It's my BIG DAY!!!


the bridal car (Studebaker 1932-Thanks to Don Robert's Bridal Car)

ready to go....

All set ...excited!!!!

waiting for the Bride...

It’s the month of August and it’s a rainy season. But the day is so beautiful and sunny, it really cooperated in our BIG day! I’ll upload more of our pics in the church: an IGLESIA NI CRISTO WEDDING soon…. 🙂



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. upto6only
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 14:35:40

    wow congrats! Enjoy being husband and wife 🙂 kids naman ang sunod hehehe


  2. centromeredaw
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 14:45:22

    Hi Iana!!! Thanks so much! :)))


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