A Stork is Coming!!!

I’ve never been happier in my life, the moment I’ve known that i’m pregnant during our honeymoon in Hatyai, Thailand last Hari Raya Holiday (September 2011!!! 🙂

I was diagnosed to have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) since 2006 and I was on OCP and Metformin for several years to regulate my menstrual cycle. PCOS patients’  % of infertility is very high so I already prepared myself, and of course my hubby, to undergo a fertility workup after we got married.

My last ultrasound in April 2011 showed multiple, rosary bead-like cysts surrounding my ovaries. I asked one of my colleagues, who is an OB Gyne (Dr. Ayie) and she advised me to wait for a year without fertility workup before sorting into Clomiphene (a fertility pill) or ART.

One of the management for PCOS patient is also to loose weight to help gain fertility.  PCOS is a hormonal imbalance brought on by Insulin Resistance-related obesity. That was also one of the reasons why I enrolled in Marie-France Bodyline International in Queensbay, Penang and also in Cenosis Slimming Sanctuary in Island Plaza. I wouldn’t count on the price that I paid…because my happiness now is sooo PRICELESS!!!!

It did not only help me look good during my wedding day, but of course, it helped a lot in my fertility…All my efforts  had paid off !!! 🙂   🙂   🙂

me in one of my sessions in CENOSIS, one of the slimming salons in Malaysia

babae sa dilim...hahaha! This was taken at Marie-France, Queensbay

my favorite Ginger tea served before they "mummify" me with a cold wrap

room for tummy massage in Marie France

GOD is really great for giving us a baby, in less than a month of waiting. (My LMP was July 20, 2011, so now I’m already 16 weeks pregnant)

Our memorable Hatyai, Thailand vacation. I love to eat these prawns. I also love the Coffee D  shop where we always spend our afternoon.

free WIFI for coffee D shop

my tall glass of cappuccino frap for only 45 baht

my hubby (Romy/Jay)...wide-smiled over his tall glass of cappuccino frap

the prawns i love to eat...@ 6 weeks AOG (but I still don't know that i'm pregnant at this time)

my preg test showing it's POSITIVE.. 🙂

For my first trimester of pregnancy, I felt nauseous starting 7th week AOG, but only from 10am-1pm. I LOVE to eat munggo with pork, I LIKE  the smell of newly cooked rice, and everything that my hubby cooks for me.

I DON’T LIKE TO EAT all the thing that I cook and I HATE adobo… I also developed hypersensitivity to foods.I developed rashes and worst, i’m having DOB ( difficulty of breathing) so I have to take antihistamine (Chlorpheniramine maleate). I became allergic to eggs, chicken, all seafoods, canned goods, even to oranges and the simple TAHO!

It was also during that week when I had Threatened abortion. I was put on bed rest for a week and i have to take Duphaston to prevent having miscarriage.

At 8 weeks AOG, my allergies to foods were lessened. So I can resume eating seafoods again. 🙂 I thought my asthma will worsen but thank God, I felt much better than before, I can even eat chicken (which I used to be allergic to).

my baby at 7 weeks AOG

I can’t explain the feeling when I first saw her. She has a strong heartbeat. I can’t believe that there’s a human being inside of  me. MY HUSBAND AND I WERE SO HAPPY.

my baby at 10 weeks AOG. She has developed limb buds and vestigial tail (vertebra)

This was my baby at 10 weeks AOG. I can see her wiggling her limbs so fast like a tadpole (parang nagse-seizure!) hehehee…. It was during this week when I had cramping again so my OB advised me to continue my meds up to 14 weeks AOG until my placenta is already stable. 🙂

my baby at 14 weeks AOG with complete arms and legs. She seemed to be thumbsucking in my ultrasound. 🙂

This is her in my prenatal last October 28, 2011. How fast her growth is! She has completed her arms and legs. She’s stretching and what was caught in here is…she’s THUMBSUCKING?! 🙂

I fear of placenta previa (I was the first assist in a ceasarean section during my moonlighting years  as a General Practitioner in the Philippines and I know how bloody it was. Even my suction tip got clogged because of the oozing blood from inside the uterus).

Fortunately, my OB in LOH GUAN LYE HOSPITAL assured me that my placenta is attached near the fundus, so it’s far of having placenta previa. 🙂  (Sometimes it’s hard to be a doctor, it made me a paranoid!)

I am entering the 2nd trimester  and I hope I will have a safe pregnancy.I know GOD WILL PROVIDE what we ask Him as long as we believe in His power.


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  1. shengski
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 21:33:27

    Congratulations! All things work together for good!


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