INC Wedding at Central Temple

It’s my dream come true …to wed at INC Central Temple in Diliman, Quezon City. It was here where my fiance  proposed to me last  December 2007. 🙂

It was a sunny afternoon of August 8, 2011 ….as early as 3:30 P.M. when  I,  Tito Jun and Michelle (one of the FABS coordinator), accompanied me inside the bridal car to the temple.

I stayed for a while inside the bridal car, until our Minister, Bro. Romeo Manalac and all our ninongs and ninangs are in and ready. The ceremony started at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

about to go down and walk in the aisle...

my bridesmaids waiting for the march...

wearing of veil...

ready for the walk...

my fiance waiting at the aisle... (with his Bestman, Jay-ar...)

the INC Central choir ....

In Iglesia Ni Cristo, the sequence of entourage is different. The groomsmen comes first (w/o partners, unlike in most of the weddings I attended in the Catholic, as being one of the bridesmaids before).

The Groomsmen:

my cousin, Michael Ian...


Kuya Abra, the cousin of my fiance...

Andrew ...

The Bridesmaids:

Dr. Dea, my co-ROD in Casaul General Hospital

Dr. Tintin, also my co-resident in CGH

Ate Vivs (Dr. Vivian), my housemate, friend and colleague in Malaysia

Kei, my beautiful sis-in-law...

my elder sister, my maid of honor

The Flowergirls and ringbearer:

JC, the cute pamangkin of my fiance

Zephyr, the beautiful and smart bestfriend of JC

Sean, our handsome ringbearer (son of Drs. Marc & Christine Victoria)

And finally…my walk to the altar… 🙂

my walk to the altar with my Tito Jun, who stood as our second father since we became an orphan

wide-smiled bride...

"take care of my child as I give her hands to you..."

"...i'll take your hand and promise to love you forever ..."

...the ceremony...

Our Ninongs: (L-R) Tito Romy Sayao, Tito Marcos Cruz , and Brother Joseph Delos Santos

The Sermon or what we call "texto" before the exchange of vows...

Brother Romeo Manalac

our promises to each other in front of God ....

...wearing of rings...

misty-eyed bride...

...the kiss ...

...our first "legal" kiss...

Finally...Mr. and Mrs. Cruz!!! :)))


Signing of Marriage Contract:

the soloist performs during the signing of the contract by the couple and the sponsors

signing of marriage contract...sealed with love

Ninong Romy and Tita Ludy

Tito Marcus and Tita Lilian

Tita Cora and Brother Joseph

My bigger family: with my second parents and in-laws 🙂

with the entourage...

with my family

with our ninongs and ninangs

with my highshool friends ...

with my Trinity University of Asia St. Luke's college of Nursing co-faculties...

with my shoolmates in college (UPLB), PLM and my co-interns at V.Luna Hospital, my co-RODs as a moonlighter

Dove Release:

Church Pictorial

I may be an orphan, with less than 10 family members who attended (my cousins in the father side are all in Canada), my cousins in mother’s side are in the U.S. But i’m so thankful to my Tito Jun, with wife,  Tita Baby and only son Ian (believe it or not, that’s the only kamag-anak I  have in Zambales! hehe). Such a small family we have. I would also like to thank  my cousin Bernadine, representing the family of Tito Boy in Cebu. 🙂

Mostly, the bulk of our guests  came from my friends starting from Highschool (Sta. Cruz Academy in Zambales), college friends (UPLB), including my landlady (Ate Imeeh, daughter Tintin, Randy and  Angel), my UP Marine Science colleagues where I worked as a researcher before going to med school, PLM doctors, my co-interns at V. Luna Hospital, my co-RODs in Casaul Hospital, my colleagues at TUA-St. Luke’s College of Nursing.

Thank you for all of my friends who made me feel I’m not alone in my life …! These are the people I will treasure forever. 🙂

(**I am a very friendly person, as you can see in all of my posts, I have a lot of friends. But I have learned something here in Malaysia to at least be cautious in making friends. Now I realized, I’d rather keep my TRUE, TANGIBLE friends, whom I can interact in person, rather than those VIRTUAL ones….. because others prefer virtual friends  simply because they cannot interact with TRUE people…!!!) 


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