Coca-Cola Happiness Truck in Penang

Have you watched the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck being posted in FB these past few weeks? I watched the one in the Philippines:  the fun and surprises that awaits each and everyone for every press they made in the giant button behind the  Coca-Cola truck. There were several gifts going out, ranging from stuff toys to skateboards, and even lechon!!!

These are some of the pics I got from Youtube:

the excitement upon waiting...

Happiness ....!

Happy Holidays from Coca-cola!

We wish there could be one in Malaysia,  after a few weeks,  my  co-faculties were so amazed that it really exists ( we thought it’s just for commercial purposes).

At around 12 NN last December 15,  there was an email  for all of the staffs that there will be a Coca-Cola promotion in our campus. We thought it’s a giveaway of coke in can, coke zero and coke light. But when we queued, we saw our students holding big teddy bears, guitar, speaker aside from the bottles of Coke they have.

It is really fun and exciting to be in that situation.  So, we waited for our turn verbalizing our wishes on what will come out of the hole like: gift certificate for me on my childbirth,  key of the car, bonus for 3 months,  groceries for one month, ipad 2 and even lechon! (of course the latter will be so impossible in this country).

This was the screenshot from the video of Ate vivs (Dr. Vivian) taken by Dr. Ronnie. Unfortunately, because of too much excitement, Dr. Ronnie thought that his video is still working on us, but it got only Ate vivs.

Ate Vivs waiting for the gift/gifts to come out...

"huh? ano daw?"

"wala na ata..."

"Yehey, I got 5 Coke bottles.."

It was so fun! Though we didn’t have our wishes, 8 bottles of coke is enough for me, the excitement of gathering all which wouldn’t fit my arms!

L-R: me (had 8 bottles), Ate Vivs (5 bottles), Alvin (5 bottles) and Ronnie (8 bottles)

To Coca-Cola, kudos to you for bringing us joy here in Malaysia!


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