Christmas in Penang 2011

This is another quote about FRIENDSHIP,

“Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.”
– (sent by Dior Yamasaki)

Being an orphan, is not that easy. How much more if  you have no friends in the world? My friends made me feel I have a family, anywhere I go. And now that I have a family of my own, I still  will not leave my friends. I’ll  make more of them as time passes. That’s why this Christmas, we spent it with my Filipino friends and colleagues.  🙂

L-R: Dr.Phoo,Dr. Roy, Romy, Bel, Lewis and me

It is my second Christmas in Penang. Last time, I spent it with 6 persons (Bel and Lewis, ate vivs, Edwin and Christel with their child Lyka). This time,there were many of us, Filipinos in Bel and Lewis place!

We were with Drs. Jhoram, Sarah and their daughter Ashe, the family of Dr. Bogs (Mel, and  the two kids: Bosho and Julliene), my hubby and  I, Dr. Roy and our Myanmar colleague Dr. Phoo.

Dr. Roy ...

Our first Holiday together as husband and wife...

Drs. Jhoram and Sarah

Dr. Mel and lovely daughter Bosho...

Romy and cute Ashe,daughter of Drs. Jhoram and Sarah

It was so fun especially to see Bel’s house arrangement. It brought us the Christmas spirit just like in the Philippines: the big Christmas tree, the decors and lights, not to forget the Tagalog Christmas songs being played in the air.

We went to their place in Machang Bubok, Bukit Mertajam at 4PM of December 24th. We had potluck. I brought my pork embutido, Sarah had her fruit salad and tinolang manok,  Roy had his leche flan, the rest had roasted chicken and drinks (Vodka and red wine).

my pork embutido ...

mama Sarah's chicken tinola

roasted chicken

Bel's christmas cake

Bel's cupcakes

Upon arrival, the rest started  frying and cooking our foods while my husband and I decided to get our new car in Kulim.

It is near the place of Bel, so we decided to pick it up rather than wait for it to be delivered on Tuesday. We wanted to use it when we go to church in the morning.   It is a black Naza Forza model.

At 7PM, we’re back and started preparing the table for dinner.

Bel baked the cake and cupcakes, pancit bihon and spaghetti.

Dr. Phoo

The girls preparing for dinner

my home-made pork embutido

pancit of Belen

It’s time for the boys to cook, too..

Jhoram mixing the fruit salad

My paparush...hehehehe....

Roy..."hmmm luto na toh, gutom na ko!"

There were visitors around the neighbourhood who also came to greet Bel and Lewis Merry Christmas

dinner time!

Roy's leche flan

me and my baby at 23 5/7 weeks AOG

cake cutting!!!!

We spent Christmas eating, chatting, singing up to 4 A.M.! Bel gave each and everyone a gift…

singing together till 4AM

Friends and neighbors of Bel and Lewis

life of an expat ... 🙂

Bel and Lewis had been so accommodating to all of us since we came here in Penang! Without them, life couldn’t be that easy and fun!

This is my first Holiday with my husband, having my own family and a baby in my tummy. So happy for all of the blessings I received this year and to all of my friends, who are becoming many each and every year. 🙂


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