Exploring Penang Farmvilles: Tropical Fruit Farm and Tropical Spice Garden

On my first year here in Penang, I wasn’t able to roam around and explore it unlike some of my colleagues. My weekends were  filled before with all my bride-to-be “kalandian”, including all my slimming sessions both in Marie-France Bodyline International and Cenosis.

me inside the dimlit Marie-France room

another session in Cenosis

After getting married, I got pregnant immediately, and  had threatened abortion in my first trimester, preventing me more to have a lot of “lakwatsa”. Not until we got our own car (by God’s grace: Thanks to Naza Forza promotion: a car with free ipad 2 and a 32- inch Toshiba LCD TV with NO DOWNPAYMENT and a processing fee of only RM 250! Gee, can’t get any promo like that in the Philippines!!!). So last Sunday afternoon, after our “pagsamba”, we (Ate vivs, Hubby and I ),  went to the farmvilles of  Penang: Penang Tropical Fruit Farm  in Teuk Bahang  and Tropical Spice Garden.

me ...:)

Ate Vivs ...

me and my hubby...:) (with our baby in my tummy!)

With the help of our GPS, we were able to track  where is it located. By car, it took us around 1 hour from Rangoon road (by Rapid Bus, It will take around 1.5 to 2 hours).

GPS is very helpful during our "lakwatsa" days

Penang Bridge

The scenery going  to the fruit farm involves calming sea and grandiose villas along the mountain slopes. The Tropical Fruit Farm Entrance…

going uphill to Tropical Farm

When we reached Tropical Fruit Farm, we were greeted  warmly by several tour guides. The reception area is located in a very steep place. It has its own cafeteria where you can order mixed fruits and drinks. There is also a souvenir area for this including fresh honey and aromatic oil.

price list of fruits

at the counter ordering our mixed fruits

Outside were benches overviewing the mountainous slopes. We had our medium-sized mixed fruits for only RM 15: pineapple, red and yellow  watermelon, “balimbing”, jackfruit, guava, honeydew. It was very refreshing. If you still want to have a trek with the tour guide (riding in their van), the package  worths RM35/head for 30 minutes of roaming around the farm and the next  30 minutes to savor all the fruits that you want in their fruit banquet. We opted to stay in the benches and enjoy the scenery.



fruit diet...

honey and different aromatic oils

dried fruits ...

the big aloe veras

the patio....

After an hour of strolling and filling our lungs with fresh air , we headed  to Tropical Spice Garden.

At the entrance, we paid for self-guided tour (RM 14), and had Citronella oil in our body to protect us against insects.

our self-guided tour ticket

There were labeled trails along the way…

these signs helped us find our ways...

we captured a picture of this snake while we were walking in the trail...

me and my baby @ 24 weeks AOG

the giant swing in between two giant trees

Happy swinging!

The beautiful flowers along the trail…

where is the tree house?

spice garden map

the beautiful scenery from up afar

At last we reached the tree monkey. I grabbed some pics from them, because during this time, all our cameras were lowbat. (This “lakwatsa” was on the spot… so we did not have a time to prepare and charge our gadgets! )

These are some of the pics from Ms. CK Lam‘s website:

a picture of the tree monkey entrance hall.

This is what I ordered for a snack:

yummy sticky rice with ripe mango

This is what Ate Vivs ate

For the souvenir, I bought a key chain :

What a tiring Sunday but our “lakwatsa” day is really worth it!


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