My Second Trimester with My Baby Alyanna Francesca

My morning sickness is waining now and was able to have “eat-all-you-can” at TAO JAPANESE restaurant @ 14 weeks AOG.  🙂

me at 14 weeks AOG

I am feeling better during my second trimester, it seems I am not pregnant at all except for my enlarging tummy. I don’t feel fatigue anymore, just like the first trimester and can resume on my usual chores like cooking our meals for my “baon”. No more threatened abortion and I can bear longer “lakwatsa” time. 🙂

I can say that this is the best time of my pregnancy. So I made the most out of it to roam around the beautiful places of Penang! 🙂   🙂

I had my prenatal  checkup in Loh Guan Lye Specialists Center in Penang. And I’m always looking forward on my ultrasound. I want to see her developments every month. Aside from that, I always read in Baby Center webpage to update every week what is happening inside my tummy.

my baby @ 14 weeks and 2 days. It was caught in the UTZ that she's thumbsucking!

This is her ultrasound at 14 weeks and 2 days. She looks more of a baby now, unlike from my previous ultrasound when she still looks like a tadpole,  along with the vestigial tail, wiggling her legs vigorously.

And now, there she is, with complete arms and legs, small fingers which she used to thumbsuck! It was really a miracle from GOD! She’s moving her legs, but I cannot feel her  discrete movements yet. I’m so excited in the next coming weeks to have QUICKENING (that’s her true kicks).

I don’t have anymore cravings to “munggo”. But I realized I am becoming fond of sour fruits like ponkan, and for chocolates it should be mixed with orange flavor.

my baby @ 20 weeks and 5 days

This is my baby at 20 weeks and 5 days.  During this week, I had already QUICKENING! Her kicks are so soft like that of a kitten! I thought that somebody poke in my tummy while sleeping, the first time I experienced it. IT IS A WONDERFUL FEELING that there is life inside of me!

I know there are millions of mothers around the world who had experienced this. And this is a new experience for me. A GREAT and wonderrful one!!! I felt really blessed about  my pregnancy. 🙂   🙂     🙂

During this week, my OB requested for my bloodworks (Complete Blood Count, Blood typing, HIV screening, and Random Blood Sugar-since I have a family history of Diabetes Mellitus). Everything turned out to be NORMAL, and I am so thankful enough, considering that I am diagnosed as  ELDERLY PRIMI, HIGH RISK. (LOL).

I suffered from bronchial asthma before, but when I got pregnant, I never felt even  BETTER. IT IS THE BEST condition I ever had. My asthma is gone!!!  Thanks to our Almighty God. I never had any attack, even if I eat chicken (that serves  to be the trigger).

Honestly speaking, I already prepared 10 vials of Hydrocortisone from the Philippines, in preparation of my pregnancy in case my asthma worsens. I have packed several syringes and abocath just in case i’ll have my attack before I went here in Malaysia. Fortunately, I was spared. 🙂   I am still hoping and praying that my condition stays at its best until I gave birth to my precious baby (A baby who came into our lives despite having a Polycystic Ovary Sydrome). God is really GREAT!

my baby at 24 weeks and 4 days

My baby's side view profile....:)

At 24 weeks, her kicks are becoming stronger, but not that painful, as what I read from other articles.  I am enjoying each milestones of my pregnancy, each week and her in-utero developments. I am still praying that I won’t have complications in my next trimester like Gestational Diabetes nor Preeclampsia.

tambay in Queensbay mall near the shore at 23 weeks AOG


bonding with my husband

lakwatsa at Tropical Spice Garden in my 24 weeks AOG tummy

at 25 weeks AOG, in Burmese Temple with Ate Vivs

Always praying that I will have a healthy pregnancy and of course, uncomplicated childbirth.

GOD is GOOD, and I believe in KARMA. Those people who had done the worst to others will suffer eventually, and I can see that coming.

(Wake up, bro!(Hey, you’re not an INC, palasimba ka sa Katoliko! Ewww!)  If you will not change, forever kang walang kausap kundi mga ka-blog mo lang! I pity your situation and family…! Kaya pala wala kang history of friendships sa previous work, terible ka!  maintain your “virtual friends”…yan ang bagay sayo!)


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