Reminiscing Hongkong Disneyland 2010 Part 3

After our ride from the  “It’s a small world”, we passed by several disney characters near the SNOW WHITE GROTTO.


Cinderella from afar...

a picture with Snow white...

so beautiful!

after picture-taking with the Disney princesses, shopping for pasalubong!

We rode the train to see the whole view of HK Disneyland. After waiting for several minutes, we hopped on the train!

waiting for the boarding...

my ex-BF (now my hubby) 🙂

with other tourists...

planning our next adventure

our next destination...

The jungle cruise was one of the relaxing rides we had experienced…

the jungle cruise (this is big raft w/c can load a lot of passengers)

going to the Tarzan Island...


the view on top of the tree

the King of the Jungle! LOL!



After strolling the Tarzan Island, we rode the Jungle Cruise again and headed to the Liki Tikis. this consists of tomtem poles playing mischievous sounds. Water squirts around in your surprise!

timing lang kailangan..!


me in tIki land...

After our journey to Liki Tiki Land, our feet got tired and decided to look for benches around…

just looking for a chair to rest our tired legs

We visited some shops for our idle time and waited for the Disneyland fireworks….

the most awaited Disney fireworks



It was fun to be at Disneyland, not only for children but also to those young-at-heart couples like us. 🙂


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