A Baby Shower of Love by the MD Faculty

I was not really planning for any baby shower for my baby Alyanna since I still need to save money for my childbirth. 🙂  I am also excited to go home in the Philippines on March 8 , see my old friends and stay there for almost 4 mos! (yes, I got my annual  and maternity leave for 4 months!)

But then, one of the faculty friends asked me when will I be leaving, and that would be 2 weeks from now. So Doc Naomi said, ” Let’s have a baby shower, I will give the money to “madir” (Dr. Sayao) so she can cook!  I was so surprised for her generosity of giving me one!  🙂

And so we held it last Saturday, Feb 25, in our place at Vista Perdana, Butterworth. The usual baby shower has giveaways like baby boots or baby bottles, programmes for the baby and gift opening. but two days is too short to prepare for everything. So ours was a different one. It consists of eating Filipino dishes, laughing out hearts out, and singing videoke. It was so fun.

I always remember, that if you have a good attitude towards others, they will also do the same to you. Yes, I am an orphan, but my Filipino colleagues made me feel I have a family here in Penang.

I am so fond of posting the pictures with my myriads of friends.  They are my wealth.

(How about you? Are you also the KING OF MEDIOCRITY?PRETENDING TO HAVE A HAPPY FAMILY? No other friends was able to bear your attitude? No other people talking to you but your “VIRTUAL” friends via internet? To know the person well, share a house with that person or  work with him…you will know his TRUE COLORS!

It made me angry…the raging hormones of pregnancy again. Sometimes, I think my blog as a HORCRUX. But this only shows I’m a better person than YOU. I have lots of  TANGIBLE FRIENDS. YOU DON’T HAVE!!! )

This is one of the quotations I LOVE MOST.

Can you relate...???

(So now let’s see, if you have 2 or 4 housemates you hated most, it’s okay …but what am I gonna call you, if the 24 FILIPINO doctors don’t talk to you anymore? Think it over, DOCTOR….

Okay, so much of hatred… !)

Dra. Sayao cooked a lot of Filipino dishes: menudo, ginataang manok, ginataang bilo-bilo, and palitaw. Dr. Roy brought his Magic Sing ( this can do something “magically” in our voice!).

It was so fun! I would also like to thank for their gifts for my baby!

the MD Faculty in Penang, Malaysia: Standing at the back (L-R) Conching with Polly, Miggy, Grace, Dr. Anton, Dr. Yambao, Dr. Alvin, Doc Beeboo, Dr. Carlo, Dr. Roy, Dr. Dante. Sitting: Dr. Mel with Bosho, Romy, me, Dr. Vivian. Front row: Dr. Sarah, DR. Jhoram with Ashe,Laine, Dr. Ronnie and Tita Let. 🙂


The foods cooked by Madir Sayao:


ginataang bilo-bilo

spaghetti Jollibee style by Drs. Alvin and Ronnie

eto na..pag me sexy chef, of course me " macho chefs" din....

sweet pineapple

ginataang manok, pork menudo...

melon ice cream



Dr. Yambao dancing with Baby Andrianna

Dr. Roy and Dr. Fidel...

Dr. Roy and Polly (son of Dr. Anton)

Dr. Ronnie, Dr. Dante, me, Laine and my hubby

me and Romy

Dr. Roy and Dr. Vivian's dancing time... 🙂

Videoke time!

Dr. Ronnie...

Thanks to Dr. Roy's Magic sing! Buhay OFW talaga! 🙂

Baby Andriana, daughter of Dr. Angus and Tina

me and the cute baby

Tina and Dr. Jhoram

Mel with Bosho, Grace with Polly, Kostik, Ate Vivs, Tina with Andrianna and me

Dr. Mel and Bogs with baby Bosho...

The gifts…

my baby carrier....

purple duchess baby...

Thank you to the MD Faculty  family who gave me the baby shower. Thanks for the food, fun, and gifts…!Now I know, I am not the one with a disgusting attitude, or else you will just find me and my “family” only in my blog! (pity!!!!)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous..:P
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 04:16:56

    MANGINIG KAW SA TAKOT kung sino ka man(female????)….raging HORMONES talaga…:)


  2. Alvin_MD
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 04:28:30

    Buti na lang mama anna napadala mo kagad yung Non-invitation letter kung di nakita pa natin ang kakaibang mukha ng mikrobyong yun. Hehehe!! “You are cordially not invited… Please don’t show your face…ever!”


  3. centromeredaw
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 05:56:43

    you’re right Dr. Alvin!!!! pde naman talaga ako siraan sa ibang tao, but reality bites. I will forever post the pictures of my friends. In this way, sinong maniniwala sa kanya na “pinagtulungan cia ng mga “Pilipino”, eh 24 na tao yun. cia ang me depekto. You know, borderline personality disorder.


  4. centromeredaw
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 06:00:34

    Anonymous: ang liit na nga ng mundo nung tinutukoy namin ni Dr. Alvin. Iwas dito, iwas doon sa lahat ng Pinoy!!! Kaawaawa….But still managed to be sooo good in his comments in any blog! Hamunin mo nga yang mga kakilala nyan na makipag-interact cla in person, ewan ko lang kung di nila isumpa, that MICROORGANISM, Gram zero, UV labile, Facifica Falayfay!


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