My Baby’s First Pictorial in my Womb: the Advent of 4D Ultrasound

It was on my 32nd week AOG when we had my daughter’s 4D Ultrasound done in Loh Guan Lye Specialist Hospital, Penang, Malaysia. A week before I go home in the Philippines.

Some might disagree on this  new technology, saying  that the surprise on “who looked like who”, will be gone, aside from the fact that 4d ultrasound  is really expensive just for “picture-taking purposes”.

But for excited parents like us having our first baby, we really couldn’t wait anymore to peek inside my womb and see the face of our angel.   🙂

4D UTZ (ultrasound)  is usually done  between 28-32 weeks AOG when there is still enough amniotic  fluid in the uterus. When done in the later weeks of pregnancy, AF (amniotic fluid) becomes smaller and image will not be that satisfying anymore.

When we first meet my baby, she was hiding her face. She’s thumbsucking. So I was put on R lateral decubitus position to have a better view of her face. But she also sucked her toes.

The OB sonologist shook a little bit of my tummy, “Hey, baby…remove your hand for a while, mommy wants to see you!” she said, that made me smile.

At last we can see her face already. She’s sooo cute. Meet our little angel, Alyanna Francesca. She did a lot of things inside for almost 30 minutes of viewing her. She’s yawning, getting cranky, swallowing amniotic fluid, opening her eyes and smiling!

And so that’s the first pictorial of my little girl, the resident in my tummy.

my cute little angel...

smiling... (napipilitan?!) ;;; 🙂

with my placenta in her forehead...

smiling again and again...

sleeping most of the time

just saying " HALERRR" ... (lol!)

oh baby crying inside my womb... 😦

swallowing the amniotic fluid

Here are also some videos of my baby:

Opening Her Eyes

Crying Inside My Womb

Smiling Inside My Tummy


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