Welcome to the World, Baby Alyanna Francesca!!!

At 32 weeks AOG, I am already in the Philippines for the most awaited part of my life: giving birth to my first child.

I opted for ceasarean section when I had Gestational Diabetes at 34 weeks. (Although my sugar level was controlled by DIET only without insulin, ceasarean section was the best for me, since I am also an elderly primi, so I don’t want to take the risk anymore of waiting for my labor pains to come).

My CS was  first scheduled  on April 12, but there was a Pediatric Convention during those days, so it  was moved to April 14.

But on the eve of April 9, I had already my bloody show. My contractions became regular at around 5A.M. on April 10, so my OB-Gyne opted to do the CS on that day.

It was aroud 12:08 NN when I heard the loud cry of my baby girl. Despite my blurred vision, I was able to see her beautiful face.  It was the most beautiful experience, now I am entering a new stage of my life: MOTHERHOOD.

Thank you to my OB-Gynecologist and Pedia: Drs. Tina and Mela Katapang, my Anesthesiologist, Dr. Flores; 1st assist: Dr. Dulay and my official photographer, Dr. Dea.

Doc Mela, suctioning my baby, with an APGAR score of 8,9

catching her first breath on her first hour of life .... 🙂

Doc Christina at work... 🙂

my first picture with baby Alyanna Fraancesca... (love, love, love)

On my first hospital day, the pain was tolerable. My pain meds were  shifted to oral tablets, my IV fluids and catheter was removed and I started walking. 🙂

my first post-op day...

2nd postop day, nagmi-make up na...hehhehe

with Nanay Precy, who took care of me while my hubby is still on the way home... (still onboard from Penang, Malaysia)

my hubby and I...PROUD PARENTS...

hello world, my baby...

soo cute..my little angel..

wink! wink!

we promise to give you our love, my baby Lyann...

baby Lyann...listening Mozart music...just the way she used to, when she is still in my womb...

peacefully sleeping

my sweet little angel...





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