The Lost World of Tambun Hotspring and Spa

It’s been quite a while since I blogged, and it’s HARI RAYA vacation for a week, so I found myself writing again.

I have a lot of backlogs on the places we went  when I was pregnant, so now I am catching on my missed stories.

“THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN” is located in Ipoh, Perak, one and a half hour drive from Penang. We got a ticket from Groupon Malaysia. We only paid RM 180 for the two of us (that includes the 2 D1N stay in hotel, eat-all-you-can breakfast, and our free admission from the hot spring at night, plus our day entrance to the theme park).

All of us were excited when we reached the place. It is located at the foot of the mountain, and the cold breeze reminds me of our very own Baguio City.

the scenery in Ipoh


check-in at Lost World  hotel…

I was 8 mos pregnant at this time, but I still managed to go on a trip like this! no more preterm labor for me! 🙂

This is what we call “Baby-moon”!!! 🙂

After unpacking our things, some of our friends brought their own “baon” and shared it with us. (yummy “adobong baboy”!). This was taken after our hearty dinner. 🙂

(L-R): my hubby, Naning, me, Sarah, Ashera, Ate Vivs and Phoo. (Jhoram is the one taking our picture)

We tried  the Papparich delights  located just on the side of Sunway Hotel.

wanna taste Papparich delight….

which is which?

yummy “arroz-caldo’ (sorry., i forgot how is this really called…)

After eating, we went directly to the hotspring which is only open at night….

the hotspring

At the entrance, we were given free towels that we can use, then after that, we can return it back as soon as we check out of the spa.

(L-R): ate Vivs, Phoo, Naning, me, Dr. Sayao and my hubby

The hotsprings are electrically generated.  There are different temperature ranges, depending on which one can tolerate. My hubby and I stayed on 37 degrees only, since I fear of any contractions that night. The rest, tried the different temperatures.

There was even a bar at the middle of the pool. (Unfortunately, we were not able to take a picture of it since it was also raining that night). We just started to take pictures around when the rain stopped.

rainy night at Lost World Hotsprings

It closes @ 10 P.M. so we just walked around and have some wacky pics.

me and my baby…


My family: me, hubby and baby Alyanna inside my tummy…


After the hotspring experience we all went  back to the hotel and sleep tight in our cold blankets, excited to see the beauty of the theme park in the next morning. 🙂





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